VIRUS 2020

7 September VIRUS 2020

7 September, VIRUS 2020

People hate cruelty to animals, so why do we do it? The Conversation

Extensive land uses to meet dietary preferences incur a ‘carbon opportunity cost’ given the potential for carbon sequestration through ecosystem restoration. Here we map the magnitude of this opportunity.

Eos with Loikeets

The view from my window is exceptional, but not important.
glass is great for test tubes, spectacles, telescopes, microspores,
an excellent wind break, but fails the test of nose, ears, skin,
breeze rowing the hairs on my arms, the light dizzying.

On deck I find the idea soundtrack, neither dreamy nor haunting
and not soporific, Lorikeets screech passing over, a Brown Cuckoo
Dove’s lullaby, Striated Pardoletse, Galahs briefly squawking.
Slight ruffling of trees by the breeze, a Pied Butcherbird chimes
briefly, a slap of energy palm fronds scratch the rail,
they must be over ten metres high now, and ten years old.

Can we tune into the energies surrounding us?

Oyster Creek, Jagun Nature Reserve

We walk to the middle of Oyster Creek and the start of the backburn
The burnt tree are blazes of beauty, nearly all survive.
We have work to do.


Down to Nambucca for the dentist, and a stroll along the river, always fresh, intact, surprising.

Darter with fish
Great Egret avoiding focus

There is just so much to grab your attention.

Brown Honeyeater in a Grey Mangrove
Tourist view, the Nambucca River

During treatment, I notice pictures of beer on the walls and enquire. After, Sam leads me beneath the practice to a cellar packed with beer. He brews on the side and sells me a mixed slab.

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