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I am a writer and photographer, passionate about art and the natural world, and deeply concerned about the future. Wyn and I live beside Jagun Nature Reserve in Gumbaynggirr Jagun [Gumbaynggirr country]. Jagun means home/dwelling/country.

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Just out !! VIRUS 2020 – the musical

No, not quite, rather a CD of journal extracts worked into music by John Laidler.  Check it out HERE.

VIRUS 2020 ~ a daily journal

My daily journal of writings and photographs, Virus 2020 started in January, before I knew it was going to become an ongoing project, From March documenting the day became a daily activity, to document the pandemic from a regional and global perspective. I look at both personal and wider social/economic ramifications, but primarily focus on this crisis as an opportunity to appreciate and (as usual) celebrate the natural environment. This focus is from a position of good fortune. This region has not (yet) been affected by the virus, merely slightly inconvenienced.

We need (when we can) to use these strange, uncertain times to re-evaluate what is really important, and in a time of lockdown, appreciate what is in our immediacy – the natural world. Natural Aesthetics is a way to cope with the anxiety of lockdown, disease, depression, unemployment and the uncertainty of what lies ahead, a way of enjoying being alive, and also a spur to resetting how we live and recognising the damage we are (all) doing to the natural environment and all life forms.

This site has been a long time in renovation stage. I will be slowly adding pages from the last few months.

Natural aesthetics is a step towards restoring lost connections.


Uncle Micklo teaching the crowd a Gumbaynggirr song, with elders present, Sandy Jarrett Greenwood, the Gumbaynggirr camp spokesperson, and guest David Shoebridge Greens MP (far right). 8 June


Bumagin, Gumbaynggirr man arguing. Logging started in Nambucca State Forest. This council supports logging even after the devastation to habitat caused by November’s bushfires. 15 May.


White-faced Heron, Miilba, Valla Beach, 15 May
An elegant turn as if on a runway, unblinking eyes, perpetually wide, the sleek head delicately textured, Tang brush-strokes white and blue, Persian cobalt from the Silk Road built into a powerful weapon.

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