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I am a writer and photographer, passionate about art and the natural world, and deeply concerned about the future. Wyn and I live beside Jagun Nature Reserve in Gumbaynggirr Jagun [Gumbaynggirr country]. Jagun means home/dwelling/country.

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VIRUS 2020 – the musical

No, not quite, rather an album of journal extracts worked into music by John Laidler.  Check it out here. Plus two new Videos from the album (out Dec 2020).

VIRUS 2020 ~ a daily journal, writings and photographs 

This site has been in a renovation stage. I am gradually adding pages from the last couple of months of the pandemic project. We need (when we can) to use these strange, uncertain times to re-evaluate what is really important, and in a time of lockdown, appreciate what is in our immediacy – the natural world. Natural Aesthetics is a way to cope with the anxiety of lockdown, disease, depression, unemployment and the uncertainty of what lies ahead, a way of enjoying being alive, and also a spur to resetting how we live and recognising the damage we are (all) doing to the natural environment and all life forms. Also have a listen to An Authentic Christian Christmas: an epic two day journey across Pakistan in search of a drink (7 min).

Natural aesthetics is a step towards restoring lost connections.

March 5, 2021, Bongil Bongil National Park. First sunny morning for a while. After all the rain, I knew the Paperbark swamp would be a beautiful site, visually and musically, with bird song.


Bumagin, a Gumbaynggirr man arguing. Logging protests after logging began in Nambucca State Forest. This council supports logging even after the devastation to habitat caused by November’s bushfires. 15 May 2020. SEE Nov/Dec Art Almanac.



White-faced Heron, Miilba, Valla Beach, 15 May, 2020.  An elegant turn as if on a runway, unblinking eyes, perpetually wide, the sleek head delicately textured, Tang brush-strokes white and blue, Persian cobalt from the Silk Road built into a powerful weapon.

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