Ears is in three sections covering poems read, poems to music and birdsong.

Poetry at first light – John Bennett

Earshot ABC RN Tuesday 16 February 2016 11:05AM, rpt Sat 5pm.
Or listen here.

In this conversation with Gretchen Miller, John walks us through his local forest reserve, Jagun, through which a creek runs, before it reaches the sea.
They talk about the birds, trees and landscape which his poetry obsessively documents.

Sunrise Deep Creek

Addendum 1 – Omissions / Amplifications
Addendum 2 – Texts of poems read
Addendum 3 – Photographs from our time together
A Christian Christmas, Swat Valley, 1978 mp3

A Christian Christmas, Swat Valley, 1978 mp3.
A two day epic journey across Pakistan.

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