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Australian poet and photographer

Unlike a commonplace book of old designed as an aide memoire, this is not just a substitute for a good memory, an archive, it helps me explore.

The world is a fascinating environment which we share with around 9 million other species. When I say share, I mean unknowingly, humans seem to have little regard for other species other than for sentimental or husbandry reasons. Many of these species are microbes that run the planet. Around five nonillion (5×1030) bacteria form a biomass larger than plants and animals put together We are intimate with this, being symbiotic creatures, relying on a 100 trillion bacteria (foreign cells) to digest food. Every living being is related and nearly all life forms share the same basic biological processes and pathways.

Organisms are not discrete and determined, but particular loci of processes of growth and development within a continuous field of relationships among environments. Mind emerges from the interplay between mind/ body /environment: “profound interconnections that bind us all together, human actors and non-human life forms, intelligent machines, and intelligent people.” N. Katherine Hayles (‘The Illusion of Autonomy . . .’, 1999) Technology is changing how we live, think, see and develop skilled practices; it distances us from the natural environment and ‘the technological fix’ can never be the answer.

Our species are energetic explorers, consumers and producers dwelling in a dynamic world, full of invention and disasters. Through poetry, photography, video and essais, I attempt to pay attention to the fascinating miracle of earth, of Gaia, and appreciate ourselves, others and life on the planet.

For my previous website, organised like an old second-hand bookshop see www.jbpoet.com

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