Natural wonders of Jagun

Natural wonders of Jagun

Two Swamp Wallabies
Swamp Wallabies are shy and solitary compared to the Grey Kangaroos, seeing two together is unusual
Swamp Walaby, black snout
Swamp Walaby, black snout


Goanna, Lace Monitor

25 species of goanna are found in Australia. This is a  Lace monitor, the second-largest monitor here after the Perentie. They can grow to over 2 metres (about 7 feet) and weigh up to 20 kg, but most adults are much smaller. The two we saw at Mullaway were adults and full sized.

The local goannas have spectacular black and gold markings
The local goannas have spectacular black and gold markings, there are two forms, this one with the broad stripes is the Bells form, less common.
Oyster Lagoon
Oyster Lagoon
Oyster Lagoon reflection
After a refreshing swim in Oyster Lagoon



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