Moonee & Mullaway

Moonee & Mullaway


A pair of Sacred Kingfishers bob to size us up as we leave the car, then a Buff-banded Rail comes into view, sniffs out a fish head.

Buff-banded Rail and fish head

but so do two Silver Gulls. It bravely tries for a feed but they see it off.

Buff-banded Rail, gulls and fish head  Buff-banded Rail, gulls eating fish head


Moonee, littoral rainforest Elkhorns and Staghorns
Moonee, littoral rainforest Elkhorns and Staghorns


A guided walk with Echah Wright, just the three of us.

A goanna has just crossed the track. The motorcyclist has to wait. The reptile disappears into the bush and to my surprise joins another just as large. Luckily, the giant species which grew to more than 6 metres is extinct. Eventually he kills the engine and walks past. ‘You can’t ride a bike here’, I say in what I think is an amiable tone. ‘I’ve been riding this track for thirty fucking years,’ he scowls and walks to a small rise and surveys the waves. The sea dilates the pupils and looks untouchable. The soundtrack is gravity’s dull roar. Are there two sides to every story?

large goanna, Mullaway
large goanna, Mullaway
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