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I am a poet and photographer passionate about art and the natural world, ecological understanding and nearly everything else, since everything, absolutely everything, connects.

My exhibition of poetry, photography and video: First Light – From Eos to Helios, Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery runs until this Sunday Aug 12th – See the Art Guide.  COMING UP:

Eos exhibition Talk   Thu. 10 August  6:00 pm Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery. Free

Eos shared – Morning tea  Sat. 12 August 10:30 am – 11:30  Free
Share your experiences of first light

And this Sunday August 13 Not So Solitary Arts in the Garden afternoon at Coffs Harbour Regional Museum from 12-4pm Free

I have been commissioned to write a poem and Wyn has been commissioned to make a linocut to commemorate Captain Cook passing by. I will join other voices in celebrating the rich history and present wonders of the area now known as the Solitary Islands Marine Park. With a Blues band, sausage sizzle, afternoon teas and more. Rescheduled from a very wet Sunday in May.

Refugee disgrace

Meanwhile another refugee dies in our care. Paul Bongiorno gave an impassioned account of the government’s duplicity – especially in the light of the leaked telephone conversation between our Prime Minister and the US President. Hear Paul here.
Local Refugee Group Facebook page is here.

Best skies in Europe

Turner claimed Margate had the finest skies in Europe. July the First I went to verify. Here on the East coast, Margate magically faces sunset. Turner frequently got up before dawn to catch the early light, preferring Eos to dusk and sunsets, partly because she offered more time to observe a greater range of effects. For some reason Turner is associated with sunsets.

Eos the following morning was subdued:
Margate Eos fishermen

New poem circumnavigating a Domesday Wood, England


P2410882 Turner_wb

Turner at Valla


I have been commissioned to write a poem about encounters - based on Captain Cook’s voyage up the East coast of Australia. It has ventured outwards into 27 pages. I will read extracts on Sunday 14th May, Coffs Harbour Museum.

Runner up with a poem and images climbing the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney - New Shoots, Red Room

I live on the Mid North Coast of NSW beside a forest by the sea, after 30 years in the heart of Sydney.

a small Jagun poem
a haiku might grasp momentarily
for ever
the essence of incoming spring
but I’ve just made a photograph
of winter light
graphic on burnt Blackbutt
and stuffed my pockets
with Senna seeds

Osprey, Oct 14, Capt Cook's Lookout

Osprey, Oct 14, Capt Cook’s Lookout

Banner image, the Never Never River, The Promised Land, Bellingen

Old proverb, ‘We are sleepwalking in Eden and may awaken to it’.