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Eos ~ 3 November days

Eos, Nov 14

Eos, Nov 13

Eos, Nov 12

Nov 13

Perplexed by the range of sounds water imitates,
clouds slip by their own reflections,

I’d close my eyes if it felt more real
the universe is a sound corralling you.

A bird jumps down onto the bank
from the speed and size, a Sacred Kingfisher.

The world is not allowing colour yet,
a Striated Heron flies in a monochrome reality.

Do you know where you are?
You may not.

We have become habituated
to being told when and where.

Later, in the trees, colour of the shallows,
kingfisher aqua perched.

I am a guest with nothing, except
this violent machine, the camera.

Eos, Nov 14

Helios, Nov 13

Helios, Nov 12

Marking the Armistice

My grandmother’s fiancé, George Bennett, died on the eve of Passchendaele. She married his younger brother John (not uncommon then). Without the death of George I would not exist.. But George was her true love and she never really recovered.

My great uncle exploded on the eve of Passchendaele
avoiding what became the worst fighting of the whole war.
I have his mangled pennies, wouldn’t be here without them.


The first weekend of summer – Nov 3,4

I date summer from the first snake we see or the first cicadas heard (this year a snake won by two days) and our first swim in the sea, followed justy now by a swim in the river.

Blue-tongue lizard I had to swerve to miss, and then later had to brake to let a duck with a procession of 12 duckling cross the road.

In memory of Dr Mary White

Mary White & skull at Falls Retreat

Mary White worked in Australia as a paleobotanist, but wrote across several disciplines. Over the past eight years the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre has been the venue for the annual Mary White Address, as part of the Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival (BRWF) since the inaugural festival in 2011 when Mary White gave her ‘Writing the Environment’ talk.

Mary White called herself a ‘proudly bacterial Gaian’ after writing the book she would rephrase it ‘and change pride to humility’  . . .  Here I am, my cellular endosymbionts performing their housekeeping duties within every individual bacterial cell of the 100 billion, of more than 200 different types, that contain my DNA; knowing what to do and when to do it; enabling the metabolism that keeps me alive; providing the neurons that enable me to think and begin to understand a little of the meaning of life.’ Earth Alive! 2003


New e-book – Hope for whole: poets speak up to Adani – download for free here. My poem is here.

The decline of high profile mammal species

such as the koala and platypus is ongoing and yet under NSW’s new land-clearing laws, 99% of koala habitat can be bulldozed if it’s on private land. Protest against these awful laws.

Australia Day, Sydney

– from the Premier to the marchers such different responses – Change the date!

Invasion Day march from the Block, Redfern

Refugee disgrace

Your Silence On Manus And Nauru Is Your Complicity, Lauren Bull, New Matilda – ‘What Australia has done to people seeking asylum is the responsibility of all Australians, writes Lauren Bull. If you don’t exercise your democracy, you’ll lose it. It’s as simple as that. What is happening on Manus right now is the direct result of decades of silent acquiescence, of politicians being emboldened by a public who don’t hold them to account, and of the normalisation of cruelty.’

Australia built a hell for refugees on Manus. The shame will outlive us all, Richard Flanagan (Nov 22, 17). Yesterday March 4 we went to a screening of ‘Hope Road‘ in Bellingen, a local Fundraiser for Refugees. It is a film by Tom Zubrycki about Zacharia Machiek and a few supporters who want to raise money to build a school back in his home village in South Sudan. It reveals the difficulties of living in Australia as a refugee, the difficulty of fundraising and the awful ongoing conflict in Sudan.
The news today (Nov 1) from Mannus is appalling.  For the latest reports see the Guardian. Back in August, Paul Bongiorno gave an impassioned account of the government’s duplicity – especially in the light of the leaked telephone conversation between our Prime Minister and the US President. Hear Paul here. The Local Refugee Group Facebook page is here.

After thirty years in the heart of Sydney, I now live on the Mid North Coast of NSW beside a forest by the sea.

a small Jagun poem
a haiku might grasp
momentarily for ever
the essence of incoming spring
but I’ve just made a photograph
of winter light
graphic on burnt Blackbutt
and stuffed my pockets
with Senna seeds