The Alfalfa Banksy

The Alfalfa Banksy

Banksy child diver Alfalfa wall Enmore
Banksy’s ‘child-pearl diver helmet’.

This was the Banksy I knew (on the right; Melbourne’s is on the left). I saw it every day and then one day it was gone, Marrickville Council workers cleaning up graffiti had removed Banksy’s ‘child-pearl diver helmet’.

Sometimes, as in Afghanistan, we sob over art more than life.

I photographed this Banksy on the wall of the Prince Albert pub in Trafalgar Street, Brighton (a copy, the original had just been spirited away to the USA) . Public art is always/often controversial, often boring, having got through by committee, but this was spellbinding

Banksy, kissing policeman, Brighton
Banksy, kissing policeman, Brighton

Banksy’s Kissing Coppers has just been sold in Miami for $575,000. The appetite of capitalism for commodification of everything, except poetry, is awe-inspiring and depressing.

Sydney, Graffitti
A Marrickville artist



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