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COVID -19, Isolation with Eos

COVID -19, Isolation with Eos

This is the perfect opportunity to get to know Eos. [For more info on Eos see here].

We are so lucky, living in the country, and ten time luckier during this time of physical distancing and social lockdown. But anyone can get up early – head out into a park or their garden, or just look out of the window at the immense painting unfolding, changing minute-by-minute. Surely, everyone has a window, they can open and hear the birdsong as light glimmers upwards.

Eos, southern end of Boatshed Beach, Valla, April 3
Wyn riding Miilba, April 2
Eos, March 27
Social isolation, looking north, 27 March
Social isolation, looking south, 27 March
Sunrise, Valla, March 19


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