Waiting for the world in colour, Day 6

Waiting for the world in colour, Day 6


Mustard gloom excretes an unfamiliar call and chunky silhouette,
an endangered Beach Thick-knee. I’ve never seen one here
in over a decade, perhaps washed from its usual space,
an island splitting the Kalang and the Bellinger, 12 Ks north,
grey and white can be just fine, and a pair of Ospreys
flying north emphasise the point, but colours are rising
the sand soaks them up, animated Lorikeets fly
scintillations drilling into the retina.

And now, an incoming tide propelling all the colours
fleshing the human spectrum, sky spread, flaring
the forest, limbs and leaves a sheen of antique clusters.

Tyres still present around Old Man’s Hat

The razzle dazzle of a Pacific sunrise at last.

Off to Coffs to buy waterproofs, after the horse has bolted.
Visit the Botanic gardens.
Some plants have disappeared underwater. The birds in the Botanic are noisy and hungry, feeding as if famished.

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