Waiting for the world in colour, Day 5

Waiting for the world in colour, Day 5


Late afternoon the rain finally stops. The sky has collapsed,
the high dome now gathers over the waves billowing grey and gloom
I have misunderstood, but walking to the Lookout, a burst
of colour, scooting around a melaleuca flowering small, white
scented brushes, painted top and bottom, a Mistletoe bird
too fast to catch on camera, but pulsing excitement at colour.

The river charred, pouring turbid darkness into the ocean,
relaying wood, plastics, oyster drums towards the gyre.


The white pebbles in our small formal Asian garden
drowning, reflections of maples and black bamboo
shivering, colours skint from the planet’s leaking roof.

I recce the garden, marvel at the growth of the Paspalum
and Parramatta Grass, my boots are grabbed by the clay
in the dank passage of the Seven Sages. A wet Kangaroo
relishes the new growth, a luscious feast.


At last – colour, a sunset – the glow of embers.


NSW floods: BOM warns dangerous conditions to continue, flooding forecast for inland areas.

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