Waiting for the world in colour, Day 4

Waiting for the world in colour, Day 4


The raucous noise amplified by Wyn’s tinea, unsettling drops bouncing high back up off the outside table.

The rain has paused, the ground sodden. I am exhausted, check the lake in our rainforest garden, Capability Brown at work in miniature. I glimpse a flight, just a couple of metres, green and yellow bright, colour of the Yellow-winged Spectre, ‘Children’s Stick Insect’, a female, poor flyers, but the right size, 4 inches or so.

Parts of this sturdy land are melting, a house in Nambucca teeters above a sheer ruddy wall,
you can laugh at busted claims of dominion over nature.


Mayor, Rhonda Hoban OAM, requests all residents to not drive or walk through flood water, and where possible, defer any non-essential travel as slips and tree falls may continue to occur in the saturated catchment.



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