The Gumbramorra Swamp Walkers

My collaborator John Laidler conjures wonderful music for our videos. I have suggested he puts a soundtrack album together.

He has moved from punk to African music (The Okapi Guitar Band) founded in 1986 and the longest running band playing African music in Sydney. This gives a sense of their live vibe, from Africultures Festival, 2013:

John is versatile, plays with other people as well, in other styles and I have sung a couple of songs with him. More recently with Bernhard Huber (from Okapi) he plays as The Gumbramorra Swamp Walkers, releasing the 2021 album “Slow Slap & Slide”. Here is the mesmeric track swampwalking on Bandcamp:


The Gumbramorra Swamp Walkers take their name from a defunct swamp in the Sydney suburbs of Marrickville, Sydenham and St Peters. Located on Gadigal land, the ‘good swamp’ was an important food source for indigenous people. The swamp was drained in 1890s. During the COVID lockdowns, we sometimes found ourselves wandering through the local streets: beneath the footpath, the swamp.

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