5 At the front door, 15 April

Good Friday

Last week a Wonga Pigeon climbed the seventeen steps
and peered through the glass. Today, a Praying Mantis.

We used to get Jehovah’s Witnesses, well one. The others
gazed up, the stairs too much. Since Covid they write letters.

The triangular head revolves smoothly – animatronics, slowed
breakdance, the making of a green machine an ineffable why.

I’ve told them, I am an atheist, have faith in evolution,
over 2,000 species, origins 200 million years ago.

They think God is all powerful with time on his hands,
that the Bible is history and Easter and hell figments.

When ‘the End’ comes, 144,000 humans will be saved,
8 million practice the faith ready for a second-class paradise.

I should spread the word, we have to save the world,
8 billion people and 100 spoon-billed sandpipers.

False Garden Mantid, Pseudomantis albofimbriata
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