May 3 Jagun

The landscape is punctured, the holes let in the light so beautifully. I count ten stumps from my study, beautiful artefacts I photograph as sculptures. I think of David Smith watching his work living in the surrounding fields hemmed by wooden hills near Lake George, upstate New York, the colours and textures shifting with the rotation of the sun and swinging of the seasons.

Jagun stump May 3
Jagun stump, May 3

This fungus I recall seeing on my first walk through the forest, it has grown and aged and weathered and become home for other life. Fungi are essential to the health of the forest, recycling wood. Animals, plants, fungi and algae seem so different that one would suppose plants descend from a different kind of bacteria. In fact our cells are virtually identical to those of a flower.

Jagun_bracket fungus
Bracket fungus, Jagun



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