I woke to a halo around Venus,16 March

I wake to a halo around Venus, the island of light, a faint one.

That’s what I saw, but later read a NASA post: ‘I would be delighted to see a picture of an authentic 22-degree halo around Venus. Most sky watchers have seen halos around the Sun or Moon — but a Venus halo would be extraordinary.’[i]

Perhaps today is extraordinary. A pair of Galahs fly west from the new sun, and simply enjoyed the dance of their wings, light swarming over their silver feathers, angels could not have improved the ballet.

I worry about my mother, and in the last week or two, my mortality has popped into my mind – about time perhaps – we are making our wills.

Now thinking of my mother again, though her voice sounds strong on the phone. I will be with her in 2 months and 4 days, she will be 96 next month. I want to wheel her into the Oak forest, archived in the Doomsday book, let her revel in bird song once more.

Th rain hasn’t given up. I watch – try to follow a chosen drop, impossible. They thrum on the metal awning with melodic pings.

The light is cloudy, but if I close my eyes, what will I see?
The helix uncoiling, cells walls collapsing, flesh becoming food.


[i] Les Cowley, a retired physicist and an expert in atmospheric optics, has seen plenty of Sun and Moon pillars — but Venus?

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