Bad day for birding, 13 March

Sunny start, two lots of flowers on our first Bangalow Palm

The weather much worse (as usual these past months) than forecast. Bad day for birding. But we did cross Digger Beach with views of Solitary Islands.

‘13 brave and enthusiastic Bellingen Birders met at Diggers Beach hoping for some reasonable weather. Unfortunately, it was raining. Nevertheless we ascended the steep path to Macauleys Headland and walked along the track. The rain persisted and kept the birds very quiet. John did manage to see a Brown Quail. We retreated to the shelter overlooking the beach where we had good viewings of an Eastern Reef Egret and saw several other birds including 4 White-throated Needletails.’ Richard Jordan’s account.

It was a bad day for birding but I did the quail and an Eastern Reef Egret, Egretta sacra, which is rare here, compared to all the other herons and egrets.

But when the sun comes out, as it did late arvo, it packs a punch.

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