The work of Wires, 12 March

While listening to Dobrawa Czocher
                                                               for Deanna M.

After lunch, music floods my soul, trees are waving
all around (the top floor is nearly all glass.

I’m a centre, a heavy object collapsed into
a chair. Gravity is felt when you least expect it.

I’m a sun god (our star on show at last,
the fly buzzing around me must be an asteroid.

No. I’m a nucleus and the fly an electron riding wild orbits.
No. the fly is an insect buzzing a mammal, just wanting a feed.

I’m avoiding conflict with the fly, would never invade a country
to rewrite history. I would tell the chiefs power is useless.

My senses are sinking, looking for a Koala this morning
has exhausted me. I’m about to doze off.

Met Tracey, ‘the Mac’ from WIRES with 8 roos
and wallabies under her care, feeding schedules

take all day and drain the night. She’s exhausted,
about to9 give a talk but brings out a joey for the camera.

So much is missing, so much has gone wrong in the kingdom –
not my fault, not entirely, it’s hegemony – this is how it is.

Our seaview is being slowly strangled by the garden,
trees are very insistent, the shore appears in retreat.

Lorikeets spray rainbows through the banksias
with loud shrieks and squeals and soft whimpers.

I thought I heard sheep but they were crows
black, as a colour, is an excellent survivor.

Body and mind is packed with atoms, but every one
of them is on short-term loan from the Cosmos.

I seem to be coughing a lot. Can I be repaired?


WIRES rescue and care for tens of thousands of native animals every year.

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