Forest Ecology Alliance, Newry State Forest

Forest Ecology Alliance, Newry State Forest

Back in June 2020 we were demonstrating against logging in Nambucca State Forest.

8 June VIRUS 2020

And now (March 2021) Newry SF (to the north of Nambucca SF) is under threat. Under pressure, Forestry have agreed to do selective logging and not clearfell, but they can’t be trusted. Thirteen compartments of Newry State Forest and Little Newry State Forest are scheduled for intensive logging soon. Forestry Corp. have not released specific information, such as ecology studies, soil reports or logging commencement dates. FEA are meeting with EPA officials later this week. A report by FEA is at the printers.

This is an important report, Koalas (one – increasingly rare) were seen here earlier in the week. The Bollanolla Mountain / Newry Forest area has particular cultural significance for Gumbaynggirr custodians, and is the most easterly boundary of the only significant wildlife corridor remaining within this water catchment area. It represents a transition in ecology from a lowland coastal environment, to one rising to a thousand metres.

Black Jezebel

The forest provides wildlife corridors, healthy habitat and an abundance of old growth tree hollow shelters for threatened and endangered fauna species, such as Koalas, Yellow-bellied gliders and the Giant barred frog. But the National Party have no interest in conserving Koalas, and they are key junior partners in the State’s Coalition. It is steep terrain, and it was a humid day. I was exhausted by the end. We reached the cars just as the heavy rain predicted started- more was coming.

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