Aubade reprise with baboons

Aubade reprise with baboons

dawn spray

At the dawn when you rise on the horizon

by your rays you dispel obscurity.

Trees and plants bloom

birds fly off their nests

fishes in the river jump into your arms . . .

The Great Hymn to Aten (Aton).

Baboons call at dawn, just before sunrise, and so they were considered religious animals by ancient Egyptians for welcoming the daytime sun god Ra (or Re). Scarabs were also a symbol of the daily rebirth of the sun.

For my call for a new attention to dawn and Eos, see the Southern Right Whales off Valla here.

dawn swallow
The swallows are silent. What music should be dawn’s soundtrack?
Not quite Stravinsky’s beginning to Rite of Spring, perhaps Gumbaynggirr chapsticks
and songcycles telling how this sea came to be and the cave.


The small cave, Valla

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