Whales at Dawn

Whales at Dawn

I would like to start a new movement, some would call it a religion, attention to the dawn, to the breaking open of the day. Wed 25th Sept. Today Southern Right Whales acted for Eos introducing Helios, the sun god, with a display of synchronised swimming

Dawn two whales synchronised swimming
Dawn, two Southern Right Whales synchronised swimming 

See below for a simple guide for identifying whales in Australia.

Dawn two whales synchronised swimming
Dawn, two whales synchronised swimming
sunrise one  whale
Sunrise, one whale
Sun rise Valla
Sunrise Valla, Wed 25th


In a week the lagoon has changed, the smaller one disappearing.

Deep Creek dawn pn_wb

Deep Creek dawn1 pn_wb


Kookaburra and moon
Kookaburra and moon, Wed 25th
Deep Creek and lagoon
Deep Creek and lagoon, Wed 25th

Identifying whales even at a distance can be done through their spume

humpback sthright


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