You see things differently in Eos, March 30, 2016

You see things differently in Eos, March 30, 2016

03 30_Eos_Rothko
Rothko’s Eos

03 30_Eos_pn

Eos is Byzantine in that it rewards an intent and passionate gaze. There is no concept of progress, time merely distances them from our past intimacy with nature.

03 30_Eos_vt

A kingfisher flies past against the amazing sky light, stripped of colour, not sure which species, even, looks ugly, top heavy, stunted rear. Half an hour later he passed me, a Sacred Kingfisher, beautiful streamlined dart of aqua blues and silver. Helios has risen but is behind cloud the sky is small bright white clouds, a particular light.

03 30_Helio‭s_log

The Wattlebirds, White-cheeked Honeyeaters and Lewins are jumping around and singing their hearts out, not eating, it’s a new day, checking out their territory, friends, rivals. A Brahminy Kite flaps lazily up river. A gang of Blue-faced Honeyeaters mob a crow and then gather round, on guard.

03 30_Bluefaced_Honeyeaters_guarding crow 03 30_Helios_bird

And then what most people think of as the day is really getting underway.03 30_Helios_daybusy

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