What the world will miss ~Wednesday Pt1

What the world will miss ~Wednesday Pt1

We have been trying to get to Hat Had NP to see the spring wildflowers. We stopped off at Boyter’s Lane, Jerseyville, a great birding spot.

Superb Fairy-wren, male
Royal Spoonbill, Great Egret, Black-winged Stilts.
Sharp-tailed Sandpipers

These small birds migrate from Arctic Siberia, and are part of the ongoing Overwintering Project – which I am involved in.

Grey Teal, a subtle beauty

I was here a few hours earlier in a dream. The fields were flooded, small waterfalls poured silvery waters towards me, I thought it beautiful, and watched unworried with my camera held over my head as a precaution.

Purple Swamphen with Roos watching

The highlight of a marvellous day was driving south along the edge of the Macleay River and finding ourselves accompanying a White-bellied Sea Eagle just fifteen metres away, flying parallel at the same height and at the same speed (58 Km/h). At one moment she stooped and we hoped to witness a kill, but she lifted and kept flapping a steady course and the road turned away from the river.


Peewee parents took turns to feed
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