World environment day, 5 June

‘Are you the john bennett who wrote “Load effect on Metatarsus Adductus Angle”?’ Academia email

‘Oceans face ‘triple threat’ of extreme heat, oxygen loss and acidification.’ The Guardian

Each day reiterates chaos, but at Bellinger Quays
the Magpie Geese are waking up, some snoozing,
some casually preening. Purple Swamphens with
a lopsided run looking back over their shoulders.

Magpie Geese waking up

We had to drive 100ks today on a day that should
be walked. We looked for whales from Baamgal Headland.
No luck, still early in their migration, but what good news
for humpback populations. Good news is needed today.

Nuungu Mirral from Baamgal (Bonville) Headland

Did see 4 police cars. One in a high-speed pursuit,
two hiding in the bushes with radar and one –
a cheery, red-faced chap – made me count to five.
I had one beer last night, Andrew was round.

Nuungu Mirral from Baamgal (Bonville) Creek

As a young person I did nothing for the environment,
I had no sense that there was problem. I studied biology
and both boarding schools were in the country, but I never
had a single lesson in the surrounding woods or fields.                         (from 1963-1972, England)


  • The first State of Nature report in 2013 found UK wild species had declined by 60% since the 1960s.
  • In 2016, the second report found the UK’s most endangered creatures had fallen by two-thirdssince 1970.
  • The third report in 2019 observed that the UK was among the world’s most nature-depleted nations: “It is widely accepted that the UK’s biodiversity had been massively depleted by centuries of habitat loss, management changes, development and persecution…”
  • The new report finds nearly 1 in 6 wild species at risk of being lost from Great Britain.[i]


‘This year’s World Environment Day campaign focuses on land restoration, desertification and drought resilience under the slogan ‘Our land. Our future. We are #Generation Restoration’.’  [ii]


[i] Paul de Zylva, ‘It’s official: the UK is a hostile environment for wildlife’, 27 Sep 2023.




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