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Book Launch, 9 June

Bellingen Readers & Writers Festival. The launch went well. Libby, my designer, was pleased to see the finished product – she has done a great job. I even sold over 30.

The previous panel was very interesting – good to see Ross with new books, and for info on Cindy Mathers see below.


I was on the panel with Cindy Anne Mathers who is passionate about drastically improving the ways we non-indigenous, relate to and listen to First Nations people.

She created the DELVE formula as a collaborative way to implement change in our nation:
• Deconstruct—how did we get here as a nation?
• Explore—the impact of abuse of Human Rights on us all
• Listen—and learn, with deep presence to the stories of First Nations people
• Viable—what First Nations-led/collaborative initiatives are working?
• Energise—what works and fund community-led, place-based initiatives.

I explained in my panel that I write and take photographs everyday.

This was my first today

Our garden trees in ‘Soul Crystal Red’


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