We can’t see the damage being done to the environment

We can’t see the damage to the environment

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I’m not just talking about Climate change and air pollution or soil degradation. We look out to sea, we don’t see the plastic, the chemicals, the acidification. Alexandra Petri, a columnist for the Washington Post wrote the other day , ‘But the background music has not crescendoed. I look out the window, and the sun is shining. On the television the colourful heads are speaking as they have always spoken, and they are still not in agreement. I think. It is getting harder to see in here, and I feel a curious warmth spreading through all my appendages. I would not feel this way if something really serious were going on.’[i]

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At Urunga, the remediation reminds us of what needs to be done in a million more sites,but
which won’t because of cost, corruption and despair.
Wetlands Urunga,waterlilies2Wetlands Urunga, the remediation work Wetlands Urunga, the reperation work

[i] Alexandra Petri, ‘This is not a crisis, Republicans say as a large spider slowly devours them’, opinion piece of trump’s presidency, Washington Post, May 12, 2017

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