The loudest dawn chorus

The loudest dawn chorus

I recall taking my English parents to Kuranda on the Cairns Tablelands. We arrived at the lodges in the dark. They had no idea where they were and the loud symphony of birds they woke to they never forgot.

Bird calls can always surprise you. Yesterday in Cathedral Rocks National Park (March 12, 2016), at first light on a misty morning, we startled a Lyrebird that jumped/flew higher and higher up the tree until it was 60-70 feet up, all the time emitting a shrill two note alarm call. The path went past the tree, we didn’t want to disturb it.  The last time I heard a Lyrebird was in Dorrigo National Park fifty Ks away, and this time the male was on its display ground singing away just a few feet away!

Cathedral Rocks NP
Lyrebirdfirst light_highintree
Lyrebird high in a tree

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