Sad news

Sad news

When will there be any good news, I sometimes can’t see any way back from our destruction of the natural environment, but we must try. My effort is to try and complete a book I’ve started on natural aesthetics.

‘The Sumatran rainforest will mostly disappear within 20 years’, In only a few years, logging and agribusiness have cut Indonesia’s vast rainforest by half. The Observer, Sunday 26 May 2013

An unprecedented stocktake of UK wildlife has revealed that most species are struggling and that one in three have halved in number in the past half century. The Guardian, Tuesday 21 May 2013


Shenley Wood clock
Dandelion clock

Spring is so late, it makes birdwatching easier.The oak leaves are still an algae green only days old and unfurling. The ordinary in nature is wonderful, but a rich and healthy biodiversity is vital not only for ecosystem services (clean air, clean water, soil health, erosion control, pollination of crops and more) but for who we are, human animals where a connection to natural processes and phenomena is life affirming.


Shenley Wood oak, a late spring
Shenley Wood oak, a late spring

A rich biodiversity is needed to combat future changes, e.g. climate change, and we should value those species that we have co-evolved with, we are closely related – even to plants, with cell metabolism and DNA (yeast, worm, fly, and mouse share vast numbers of genes, proteins, and even genetic pathways with humans).

Shenley Wood Bluebells May 25 a late spring
Shenley Wood Bluebells, May 25, a late spring


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