Rain & Autumn = fungi

Rain & Autumn = fungi

Sunrise 11 March 07584_wb

It is estimated there are about 1.5 million species of fungi.

Russula persanguinea, eucalypt fungi 11 March
Russula persanguinea, a eucalypt fungi

A pinch of fertile soil may contain over 30,000 protozoa, 50,000 algae, 400,000 fungi, and billions of individual bacteria.

fungi 11 March1

Fungi are vital for the health of most plants, including crops, through the development of mycorrhizal associations.

fungi 11 March2

Fungi are the supreme decomposers.

fungi 11 March3

The decomposition of organic compounds is nearly all accomplished by bacteria and fungi.

Ceps for breakfast DSC06787
Ceps for breakfast

red fungi

The most famous antibiotic drug is derived from a common fungus called Penicillium.

Yellow fungi & Blackwattle seedling
Yellow fungi & Blackwattle seedling

Without fungi we would be buried under metres of dead plant and animal remains.

Young bracket fungus

After the rain, insects
After the rain, insects
Young male roo, Jagun
Being watched, Jagun


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