Birding in Valla

Birding in Valla

Friday April 25th
Wyn and I with Lew Witten and Allen Hamilton did a recce, as the Bello Birders are coming to Blue Poles for Breakfast Sunday.

Paperbark flowers
Paperbark flowers

The Pink Bloodwoods, Paperbarks and Banksias are flowering, so we saw some good sights, this Mistletoe Bird a few feet away, a Noisy Pitta and Red-backed Wren.

Mistletoe Bird Lew Witten
Mistletoe Bird by Lew Witten

Lew is a fantastic birder – he has the patience, the eyes, enthusiasm and the knowledge.

We were watching White-cheeked Honeyeaters,  an Eastern Spinebill and this Tree Cereper whizzing in and out of this hole, thought they might be after native bees but we couldn’t see any insects.

Tree Creeper,  Lew Witten
Tree Creeper, Lew Witten

The bird list:

White-headed Pigeon   Australian King-Parrot  Rainbow Lorikeet  Fan-tailed Cuckoo

Laughing Kookaburra   White-throated Treecreeper  Spotted Pardalote  White-browed Scrubwren

Noisy Pitta  Brown Thornbill  Yellow-rumped Thornbill  Lewin’s Honeyeater  Brown Honeyeater

Yellow-faced Honeyeater  Eastern Spinebill  Eastern Yellow Robin  Eastern Whipbird

Golden Whistler  Grey Shrike-thrush  Little Shrike-thrush  Red-backed Wren

Variegated Wren  Grey Fantail  Willie Wagtail  Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike

Wattlebird  Australian Magapie  Pied Currawong  Pied Butcherbird  Drongo

Satin Bowerbird  Mistletoebird  Welcome Swallow  Black-capped Terns

Silver Gulls  Shearwaters  Black Cormorant  Whistling Kite

and the largest skink in the world:

Land Mullet, Bus Stop Track
Land Mullet, Bus Stop Track. It kept still so I could photograph it.


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