More Bad News (MBN) The Great Barrier Reef

More Bad News (MBN) The Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s government approves plan to dump millions of tons of spoil at the Great Barrier Reef.

Right now, the Great Barrier Reef is fighting for its life. It is under threat from the most widespread, rapid and damaging set of industrial developments in Queensland’s history. WWF had a campaign to spread the word.

Great Barrier Reef authority approves dredging and dumping to expand port: Australian marine park authority grants approval with strict conditions in decision met with derision by conservation groups – The Guardian

I write lazy fatuous postcards:
‘having a wonderful time
wish Mao and Chou and Ford and Brezhnev
were here, looking at sea-stars–‘
I plan to be happy here.
“Arrival on Heron Island, 1975” Mark O’Connor, Reef Poems

I visited Heron Island while working on setting up marine parks in NSW nearly twenty years later, It was still magnificent with the reef just off shore, I recall watching Green Turtles mating and thinking what a glorious resource the reef is.

I have been trying to get Iain McCalman to come to the Bellingen Readers & Writers Festival in June, and give the annual Mary White address in Dorrigo – unfortunately, he has just told me he he will be overseas. His book The Reef: A Passionate History, has received critical acclaim, it ranges from science to indigenous knowledges and history, and it even mentions Dorrigo.

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