Aubade – a song or poem that celebrates a new day dawning from medieval French literature traditionally about clandestine lovers parting at the end of an amorous night.

Cormorants waiting for the sun

Once more I dare to rouse the sounding string.
The poet of my God – Awake my glory,
Awake my lute and harp – myself shall wake.
Soon as the stately night, exploding bird
In lovely lay sings welcome to the dawn.
‘On the Immortality of the Supreme Being’, Chistopher Smart

sunrise Deep Creek_pn sunrise Deep Creek_pn1 sunrise Deep Creek_pn2

And other kinds of shine rising off the edges of things –
as if the daylight were a doctor arriving,
each thing needing to be seen . . .
‘Sea-Blue Aubade’, Jorie Graham

sunrise Deep Creek_2Febc2

Religion used to try,
That vast moth-eaten musical brocade
Created to pretend we never die . . .
‘Aubade’, Philip Larkin

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