A Misty Eos 28 Feb

A Misty Eos, 28 Feb

I leave home with the nearly full moon, falling into the trees.

Miilba estuary reveals a beautiful hesitancy, water, air, light, a swirling open door to just being present in the uncertainty. The vastness and variety a source of wonderment.

At the estuary Jupiter and Saturn are slow ahead, mist unfurling, as atmospheric as photograph by Bill Henson, with or without naked youth. It is glorious, an extravagant solitude intensified by the unreliable luminosity.

The new lagoon already gone, the old lagoon, over a year old, is pans of water and shallows that form part of the wide open mouth.

In the dimness I sense the sand moving, an army of Soldier Crabs is on the march, thousands of them.

A young Silver Gull, surrounded seems hesitant.

I chase one to watch it corkscrew down and disappear then feel mean.

Helios climbs out of a burnished shadow.

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