Lockdown, Monday, Aug 30th

Lockdown, Monday, Aug 30th

One hour of exercise is permitted. This walk lasted 40 minutes
packed with health and or spectacle stopping to shoot aqua
funneling a blue channel riding Nyambaga Bindarray and an egret by Grey Mangroves, beneath a Brown Honeyeater,
one of many calling from the row of Horsetail Casuarinas. I nearly miss a Pacific Black Duck trying to sleep
and only see the juicy grub when the image comes up on screen.

An Osprey lugging a fish is commonplace, but this one looked
on a collision course with a paraglider for a moment – distant illusion.

The churning sea worries Wyn, for the rock fisherman across the beach.
A dangerous hobby. A fishing boat in little-boy-blue is on the rocks,
life buoy still attached to the cabin. It’s safer up here beached
above plaques to four fishermen, the waves are flashing by.We grab a take-away. A Pelican steps ponderously closer
seemingly wanting a snack. Never feed them bread or chips.The gulls are very well behaved, there’s no begging.Now’s not the time to think of relaxation, a pandemic expert says.
Outside, masked people are becoming stranger than ever.


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