I am still working with Eos, 9 March

I am attempting to finish a long suite (text and images) on grief for my mother and Gaia.

Meanwhile I keep adding to Eos, my ongoing text/image project which had an exhibition at the regional gallery a few years back.

Photographs from Valla Beach in the last two days:

8 March

In the late 19th C, the networks of railways, roads, the telegraph, electricity and clocks changed our reality by increasing speed, simultaneity and synchronicity. In 1913 Italian Futurist, artist, poet Marinetti wrote: ‘Those people who today make use of the telegraph, the telephone, the phonograph, the train, the bicycle, the motorcycle, the automobile, the ocean liner, the dirigible, the aeroplane, the cinema, the great newspaper (synthesis of a day in the world’s life) do not realize that these various means of communication, transportation and information have a decisive influence on their psyches.’ He was right, but celebrated the development of the machine age and glorified war.

We need to still ourselves, pay attention to what matters.

9 March

Rare Kelp build up, by Women’s Cave

Beautiful Millba has got her curves back

Erosion eating into Valla Nature Reserve
Silver Gull having breakfast
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