Guunumba with Auntie Bea Ballangarry


Auntie Bea  wrote:
The theme for this writing retreat is Guunumba which means “Bring to Life” Therefore you will be encouraged to recognise the legend in what you see and be able to bring it to life from your perspective. Trust your process … it is important. Be comfortable, be happy and enjoy.

It was a wonderful weekend, three days with Auntie Bea, Lee, Eden and Joan. So much laughter and so much work. And North Farm Bellingen the perfect venue with Gai and Jen.

Guunumba, bananas jen explaining their lives
Guunumba, bananas – Jen explaining their lives
Guunumba,  stone & water
Guunumba, stone & water


Guunumba, stone & water
Guunumba, stone & water, sisters
Guunumba stone circle, Auntie Bea, Joan, Eden, Lee
Guunumba final day, Auntie Bea, Joan, Eden, Lee
Guunumba, stone & mountain
Guunumba, stone & mountain

John Pilger’s film Utopia, about Australia, to be released in Britain and here in January is going to be an excruciating indictment of the conditions too many Aboriginal people, the First peoples, suffer.

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