Dragons and Seahorses, Coffs Harbour

Dragons and Seahorses, Coffs Harbour

Toy Seahorse, Orlando St. stormdrain


Soft animal toys may help children get a feel for nature, but there is increasing evidence that having experiences of natural environments increases a child’s health, both mental and physical, and his or her ability to learn. Too many are now fixated with electronic screens.

Dragon near Orlando St.stormdrain in the garage where we bought our car

Since Bridget Driscoll, a 44 year old mother of two on her way to a Catholic League meeting in Crystal Palace was run over by a French taxi giving a demonstration (August 17, 1896, cars and trucks have killed around 60 million human beings to date. Every year more than a million die and about 50 million people injured in traffic accidents (WHO estimates). So how many animals have died ? Driving into our street this afternoon I passed a squashed Blue-tongue lizard.


Two Australian Brushturkeys in their dust baths, Coffs Botanic Gardens



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