49 new species have been declared endangered in 2016

49 new species have been declared endangered in 2016

Including the Northern Quoll and Gouldian Finch.

Happy National Threatened Species Day – September 7

I am lucky I have seen both. I was in the middle of dry grassy sclerophyll woodland, Cape York, looking for Bennett’s Tree Kangaroo, being stung viciously by green ants numerous times. These were weaver ants (Oecophylla smaragdina), their pale homes are made from woven leaves threaded by the silk of their larvae. Brush against a nest and they aggressively attack en masse.

I  eventually found a group of the tree kangaroos (no relation) in the trees, their long tails giving them away. Coming across a long abandoned steam train used in the gold mining era in the middle of nowhere, I noticed movement. It was curious baby Northern Quolls poking their heads out, looking at us, ducking down as another fought for the top of the funnel.

I was looking for the Gouldian Finch in Kakadu, but the best bet was in flames when we arrived. Luckily, I saw a male with females last year in the Kimberley at sunset whiel camping between the Pentacost River and the Cockburn Range.


My photos of both bird and roo were lousy. This is from Save the Gouldian Fund.

I know how lucky I am and that future generations are not going to be so lucky. I offset my carbon footprint by giving money to help protect their habitats. That’s not enough, I know.


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