What would happen if all animals were as smart as us?

If every species on the planet were suddenly equally intelligent, would we cooperate or fight?

asks Rachel Nuwer BBC Future, 25 August

This afternoon at dusk (Aug 28) I watched two male roos square off, without actually fighting. It’s all about control of the females.

Male roos sizing each other up, garden

There’s always time for a scratch.

Male roo scratching_ 1 Male roo scratching_ garden


Male roos sizing each other up, 1

“Chaos would be the simple word for what would happen,” says Innes Cuthill, a behavioural ecologist at the University of Bristol.

Here’s my love, this morning- out of my control!

Bron portrait_wb

She is excited, the Flannel Flowers are out.

Flannel flowers out, Valla
Flannel flowers out, Valla
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