Wyn, artist and writer

Wyn, artist and writer

Time zaps . .. I was surprised last year by celebrating 25 years with the loveliest person I know and a constant presence in my own poetry and photography.

Wyn sketching pre-sunrise, Jan 3 2015
Wyn, sketching and with a bag of harvested kelp, Jan 3, 2015
Eos_3 Jan 2015

Last year Wyn (Bronwyn Rodden) self published her collection of short stories and a novel after coming close to publishing deals.

Of her collection of short stories, ‘Short Fiction for an Absurd World’,  Michael Radon in The US Review of Books said, “This is creative writing for the creative writer at its best: It’s challenging, inspirational, and nearly impossible to predict.”

Here is a full in-depth review by Andy Kissane  in the Rochford Street Review.

‘The Crushers’ is a detective novel set in the Blue Mountains, shortlisted for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel of the Year 2012.

‘This is crime fiction set in the distinctively Australian Blue Mountains, revolving around Detective Ros Gordon and her colleagues as they aim to uncover the circumstances of the grizzly death of a young woman whose body has been found abandoned in a cave… the setting is beautifully evoked… the vivid sense we quickly gain of their mystique and threat is almost palpable, further drawing us into the story with a real appreciation of its setting.’ Kate Ballard

Both are available at Amazon.

And now some of her paintings are online at Saatchi.

Bongil Bongil #2
Bronwyn Rodden, Bongil Bongil #2
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