A week on Lord Howe, environmental work

A week on Lord Howe, environmental work

Wyn capturing me
Mt Gower
This southernmost coral reef is in a healthy condition, unlike the Great Barrier Reef
Burrowing Sea Urchin
Bluefish, they are large and brush against you, used to being fed
This fish swam up to me a couple of times at Ned’s, and rested by my feet like a dog. I didn’t realise it was one of the most dangerous fishes in the world – a Stonefish.

Research Lab, Lord Howe Island, August 2018 – poem 240 grams

Banyan, a fig tree (Ficus macrophylla)
Ball’s Pyramid, a remnant of a shield volcano. In 2017, scientists confirmed that the giant stick insects discovered surviving there in 2001 are the same species rats were believed to have killed off a century ago. They are successfully breeding them on the island.
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