Three sunrises in a row – 16th -18th January

Three sunrises in a row

Eos, Deep Creek_16Jan2
Eos, Deep Creek,16Jan
sunrise, Deep Creek_16Jan
Sunrise, Deep Creek, 16Jan
sunrise, Deep Creek_16Jan2
Sunrise, Deep Creek, 16Jan

I crawl past the dead fire to the back of the cave
among the spider webs, while waiting look for something
to shoot, find lips kissing the rounded hump of beach
smooth and shiny, our footsteps are being erased.

The sun appears, framed by the cave walls, pointing
straight down the mouth at a sluggish speed of light.
Facts don’t seem to fit language some of the time,
but it’s the composition I was looking for.

Valla Cave sunrise_17jan
Valla Cave sunrise, 17Jan
Valla sea_mist_17Jan
Valla sea mist, 17Jan
Cave waiting for the sun, Boatshed Beach in mist
Cave waiting for the sun, Boatshed Beach in mist, 18Jan
Sunrise, Valla, 18Jan





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