The Typo

The Typo

I’m thinking about my next photography show and my art practice and have just written:
My photography practice works two dies – documentation and investigation/creation/art. The first derives from the original – Henry Fox Talbot’s, The Pencil of Nature, 1844–46 (evolving from his experiments of 1835 placing paper coated in salt and silver nitrate inside a portable camera obscura), through to war photographers . . .

Fox Talbot, ‘The Open Door’,’ spring 1844 from The Pencil of Nature

The typo derives in part from Don Delillo’s Americana. The narrator, David Bell, a very successful television executive, is stopped in his adrenaline tracks by a man crouched in the lobby of an office building photographing a photograph of a woman holding a dead child surrounded by children in varieties of emotional states.

That and probably (who knows how the mind works?) because I’ve just been reading about Johanna Altvater Zelle who lured Jewish children to their deaths in the Ukraine with sweets. She beat some Jewish toddlers to death and threw others out of a hospital window.

I am now thinking of digging out some toy soldiers I used to play with and have kept for nostalgic reasons (the power of objects) and then shooting them.

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