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Re: the South East Marine Parks Network letter

Re: the South East Marine Parks Network letter, 12 April 2023

Safeguarding Australia’s South-east Marine Life. The Australian Government is reviewing the marine parks of south-eastern Australia and invites your input. This public consultation period closes on 22 May 2023 and is open concurrently with consultations on a proposal to expand Macquarie Island Marine Park.

Dear Director of National Parks,

(cc Minister Plibersek, Senator Duniam, Senator Whish-Wilson),

I worked on the NSW Marine Parks Act 1997 and know just how important they are for the future of marine habitats. Many years later we have much more evidence on the declining health of our oceans and associated marine life. Threats to marines ecosystems come from overfishing, plastics, other pollution, coastal development and climate change.

Expanding marine sanctuaries is essential to safeguard ocean ecosystems and marine life, AND that includes stocks of commercially and recreationally important fish species change.

Please accept this as my submission to the notice of intent to develop a new draft management plan for the South-east Marine Parks Network.

Thanking you. . .


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