The Groeninge Museum and bad lighting

The Groeninge Museum

‘The Groeninge Museum offers a varied overview of the history of Belgian plastic arts. Although the Flemish Primitives are a high point . . .’  after 8 years of more since my last visit, this one was very disappointing. Many paintings are behind glass which is not non-reflective – hard to see the work, no impossible to see paintings in their entirety with the lighting.

So it’s the details which in Flemish art are always a large part of what makes these paintings great in the first place.

Hieronymus Bosch was on my walls as a student and seeing them in the flesh is never a disappointment. Nothing is known about his life and many interpretations have been made about his nightmarish visions. Who is the man on the white horse form his Job, triptych?

Bosch, Job,_man on white horse Bosch, Job,_musicians



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