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Take part in our Aussie Backyard Bird Count from the 19th – 25th of October.

Take part in our Aussie Backyard Bird Count from the 19th – 25th of October.

Rainbow colours3
6:10 am – 6:30am, Oct 22nd 

Intermediate Egret   3
Laughing Kookaburra   2
Channel-billed Cuckoo   4
Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo   4
Scaly-breasted Lorikeet   9
Rainbow Lorikeet   20
Drongo   1
Whip bird   2
Noisy Miner   10
White headed Pigeon   1
Welcome Swallow   2
Currawong   1
Little Wattlebird   3
Dollarbird   1

It’s time                  Oct 21 2015

For a week or so
at this time of year
the sun rolls up from the sea
through the gap in the trees
and it is spectacular.

I woke this afternoon
it took me a while
drowsy as a gusty Southerly
danced with the trees
the Bloodwoods flowering,
the air in perpetual motion.

Birds add life,
flesh and feathers amounting
to miracles of grace
time wears the incline,
your voice must trigger love
(Capgras syndrome)
and the Butcher bird
at first light when the foliage
remains conglomerate
is a wind instrument
pouring pure music
Arvo Part should hear.

The first Dollar Bird is sitting
in the highest tree, a record stuck
on a grating cark cark cark,
a squadron of Scaly-breasted Lorikeets
dive squealing out of the forest,
five Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos
are screeching behind  us,
numbers count difference
and Whip Birds crack the gully.

It’s time to start counting
sonic images, the energy
of sound waves, an alternative
to light for Birds in Backyards
– a useful accountancy.


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