Sydney devours itself continually

Sydney devours itself continually

Cities are vibrant, energetic, dynamic.

Street art St Peter's, censored
Street art St Peter’s, censored
Street art St Peter's, that's new
Street art St Peter’s, that’s new

Is the pace and scale of development eroding the quality of life? I think so. That’s why we left.  Street art St Peter's, the framers
Reasons included: congestion on King Street, Newtown (our artery to the city from Enmore Park), pollution and dirt, and the time it took to get out of the inner west to the beaches or national parks – to natural environments.

Sydney Park Hotel, King Street, renovations
Sydney Park Hotel, King Street, renovations

Sydney is the fourth-worst major city in the world for public transport, reported PricewaterhouseCoopers in October, 2012.

Sydney Park Hotel King Street renovations1

CBD boom time: City of Sydney says the only way is up ( July 14, 2016)

Of course there is nature in the city, not just national parks. Right bang next to Central railway station were a group of cockies.

Cockatoo Sulphur-crested at central

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