Super moon, Valla

Super Moon, Valla

Aug 10-11

Supermoon Valla_wb
Supermoon, North Valla, c5:05pm Sunday Aug 10

I love the full moon, but acknowledge that Galileo watched the moon with so much more energy and enthusiasm. How can one know where one’s enthusiasms are best played out?

Supermoon North Valla_wb
Supermoon, North Valla, c5:25pm Sunday Aug 10
Supermoon setting 6am 11 Aug
Supermoon setting, 5:44am 11 Aug

I recall watching on a small B&W TV The Eagle lunar module landing. It was  July 1969, I was 14 and nervously excited. I now recapture wonder and excitement in small things, birds, light, art.

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