Sunset Valla, waiting to hear Federico Albanese

Sunset Valla, waiting to hear Federico Albanese


A sunset like this one, after a cloudy day, suggests sunny days ahead. The sunset changed colours in minutes. I was ready afterwards for some music and seeing more fireflies. Some music (as with Ragas) suits particular times of day. This true of Federico Albanese beautiful album ‘The Blue Hour’,  released January 2016 on Neue Meister.


‘The Blue Hour is a moment very early in the morning or late in the evening, which is in the middle of two different and opposite universes.  . . it’s not dark, it’s not bright, it’s not day, it’s not night, it’s definitely a sort of undefined limbo.

In this quite short moment, period of time, which is the blue hour moment, my idea is all the things are somehow vague, uncertain, they are not defined . . .’  Federico Albanese, a Milan-born, Berlin based pianist composer.


Yet twilight has very different characteristics to Eos:

  • It is much warmer
  • It is noisier. I can hear traffic, hear the insects, grasshoppers and katydids, and some birds
  • One is less alert, the day’s journey has filled one. The experience is more glutinous
  • It is not as solitary.
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