Shopping Trolley, Coffs Creek & Josh Kline at the Whitney


I use a shopping trolley in my ‘A history of the Wheel‘- as an introduction to consumerism

Shopping Trolley, Coffs Creek, Azure Kingfisher close by

Projects for a New American Century,  Whitney Museum of American Art, August 2023

‘Nothing about these on-the-nose works is sublime; instead, they teeter into the perverse. One can, after all, interact with real-life low-income and working-class people for free. The (White and elderly, at least during my visit) museum-goers politely gawking at working-class — sometimes dismembered— people seemed like an exercise in poverty pornography.’ Nevdon Jamgochian, ‘Josh Kline’s Exercise in Poverty Porn’, Hyperallergic, August 6, 2023.

Josh Kline, Desperation Dilation, 2016

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